Your beautiful angel-look-a-like face makes heaven smile <3

29 November
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I like to play videogames like The legend of Zelda,Fire Emblem,SSB,Resident Evil and others too. And I love
yaoi! I have a lots of fav pairings from different fandoms.
I´m pretty shy and sensitive. I like hanging out with my friends and talk.
I like listen to music,write stories,read stories,and to draw. I´m not so good on getting ideas on what to draw,I usually draw something that is already a picture and just changes some things in it,but if someone of you would like me to draw something,I could try.

You can feel free to add me, but I really do appreciate if you comment on one of my entries before,but that is not a need!
Now,if you wanna know something more,ask me! I answer all questions. XD